Michael Edelkind

Foundation Recipient
Michael Edelkind
Michael's Story
Michael Edelkind installed and serviced HVAC equipment for an Atlanta contractor which was opened by his brother in 1995. In August of 2011 however, Michael's life would take a dramatic turn.
One morning he suffered multiple strokes which left him permanently incapacitated.
Michael's family moved him to his son's house in order to better care for him, but the house was ill-prepared to accommodate his needs. Michael's son lived in a small city east of Atlanta, and the path from the driveway to the rear of the house where Michael's bedroom would be located was lined with stone pavers not well-suited for a wheelchair. A makeshift ramp which had been hastily erected to accommodate Michael was already falling apart from wear and tear. The entry door into the home was too small, as was the door from Michael's bedroom into the bathroom. Additionally, the bathroom was not well-suited for accessibility.

Seeking help for these issues, Michael's daughter came across the foundation's website while searching the Internet in late October of 2012. A friend of the foundation in the Atlanta area provided contact information for some of their contractor customers in the area, and one of these contractors provided the foundation with the names of several home remodeling contractors with whom they had worked. The foundation worked with one of these remodeling contractors to define the scope of work and a budget, and remodeling was concluded in December of 2012. Renovations included removing the stone pavers, grading the site and pouring a sidewalk from the driveway to the rear of the house. The rear entry door into the house was widened, the makeshift ramp was removed and a new ramp installed. Inside the home, the bedroom and bathroom door was widened while plumbing fixtures were removed. These were replaced with a roll in shower, a motion operated toilet, a handicapped accessible sink with motion operated faucet, a new mirror and vanity lights and an upgraded exhaust fan.
Following the renovation, the Edelkind family was ecstatic with the results.
Michael's son said "They finished up today and did an outstanding job. My dad is extremely happy with how everything turned out and we cannot thank you enough."
Jimmie Johnson
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